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About India’s Leading Homeopath: Dr Naval Kumar Verma

Dr. NAVAL'S HOMEO CLINIC AND RESSEARCH CENTRE was established in 1995. Since 16 years, it has grown tremendously in various fields of Human health care treating thousands of patients with various disorders. We have modern clinics in West and South Delhi and spreading all over India. Our clinic equipped with latest software and efficient central monitoring suited best to the needs of community at large. Here we are not only dealing with Homoeopathy, there is an Complete Wellness centre for your family health. All the canters supervised under the perfect guidance of Dr. NAVAL KUMAR. And here we are the team of specialist doctors who have been personally trained by him. We treat patients with the medicine and also take care of them with our expertise team of wellness department.

Dr Naval Kumar Verma

World authority in Wellness, Preventive medicine and Homeopathy, Graduated Bachelors Degree in Homeopathy form Delhi, Masters Degree in Homeopathy M.D.(Hom) from Dr B.R. Ambedekar University Agra, and he has got many international qualifications and super specializations in Homeopathy He got the diploma in Naturopathy and Yoga, and Fellowship in Homeopathy from UK, also Post Graduate in Homeopathy from UK.

Our Expertise Department Include

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  • Medi-Yoga Specialist
  • Specialist
  • Physiotherapy Specialist
  • Dietician
  • Child health & immunity Specialist
  • Dr.Lal path Lab

Our services will be most useful in developing any organization for the welfare of Human beings and treatment of most dreaded chronic diseases.

  • Outstanding and reliable quality
  • Documented efficacy proven in our own clinical studies,
  • Excellent tolerability

Consult. Educate. Dr Naval Homeo Clinic.

Custom Plans & Advice for Your Health Goals

It is not just a consultation that gives you a full-circle result. It is not even just education that takes your health to its next potential. Finally, just care alone doesn’t make you have a better health by the end of the day. It is when these three segments: Consultation, Education & Care combine together in synergy, customised plans to benefit your health is born. We at Dr Naval Homeo Clinic are proud to say that we can hit this chord each and every day with each client because the three segments are a true reflection of who Dr Naval Kumar Verma is. 

My Approach

When I see a client, I provide education, care, compassion besides just high-quality consultations and Homeopathy medicines. I inspect all their past records, I understand them as a person and then I take a call on what plan could benefit their health overall. A Homeopathic approach is what I can call my service to the community as.

Unique Framework

My unique approach is to treat all my clients with the utmost care and to nurture their health journey to have a long term result. I am super passionate about seeing the 360-degree view of each client’s condition and this is what makes me stand-out. My uniqueness is in the way I do each consultation with diligence, dedication and discernment.


Dr Naval Kumar Verma


Dr Preeti Verma

DHMS, Consultant Homeopathic Physician Skin and Hair Expert

Dr. Akshay Dogra

Homeopathic Consultant

Dr. Sunny Kumar

Homeopathic Consultant

Vandna Kansra

Diet Consultant

kusum Sharma



There is a huge fear in each of us when we think of our health. Especially, when there is a “condition” attached to it. The truth is that Homeopathic medicine is a natural health science that works holistically on the full body and encourages the body to heal naturally. Healing takes place by using natural extracts from various plants, minerals or animals in very small doses. Homeopathy believes in stimulating a person’s own natural immune system to be able to fight infections effectively. This is exactly why getting treated doesn’t necessarily have to be as hard as we think. WHO recognizes Homeopathy as the second largest method of treatment. It has been widely accepted and used by people all around the world, especially India, France, Germany, England, Greece, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and South Africa.  

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