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Schwabe Pharmaceuticals Produces A Wide Range Of Phytomedicines. All Of These Products Share The Common Features Of Our Drugs

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Can I Take Homoeopathic Medicines With Other Medication (Such As Allopathy, Ayurveda)?

Yes, Homoeopathic medicines can be safely taken with any other medication without any side effects or interactions. As homoeopathic medicine does not interfere with other therapies, drugs, herbs, vitamins etc. it is safe to use in while taking with other medications.

Scientific Testing

All homeopathic medicines contain a base of a small amount of lactose (milk sugar) which would give FALSE POSITIVE results when tested using the "Colorimetric method which uses tetrazolium blue salts". In this test, the reaction of tetrazolium blue salt gives a highly colored compound known as Farmazan. Under controlled conditions, the amount of Farmazan developed is proportional to the quantity of steroid or any reducing sugar present in the material being tested. Tetrazolium salts have been used for determination of reducing sugars since the past several years.

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