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Homeopathy Treatment for Vitiligo

June 25, 2022 44 people Latest news

Vitiligo is a widespread issue among the people in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. As a result, people are looking for a homeopathic clinic for vitiligo treatment. Though researchers say that vitiligo does not have any treatment yet, homeopathy can be a perfect remedy. When it comes to treating white spots on your skin, homeopathy can work very effectively and safely. Only an experienced and profoundly knowledgeable homeopathy doctor at Dr. Naval's Homeo Clinic And Research Centre can treat your vitiligo. Melanocytes are present in the basal layer of skin and secrete the pigment melanin. Melanin is responsible for skin color. Vitiligo is a pigment disorder of unknown etiology. It is characterized by hypopigmented patches due to reduced or absent melanocytes. This disease affects about 2% population worldwide and about 8% of the Indian population. It affects men and women equally in the 2nd to 4th decade of life. The skinny part of your body and the area around your lips may take a longer duration for curing. But the fleshy part of your body takes a shorter time to be fixed. That is why we always recommend to visit us at your early stage for better recovery. Even in a critical situation where a complete cure is very tough, we can slow down the spreading of vitiligo.

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  • Homeopathy Treatment for Vitiligo in Dwarka,
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