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homeopathic treatment verrucas

April 30, 2022 72 people Latest news

Verruca Vulgaris are frequently encountered in medical practice. They are considered the result of viral infections. Various treatment modalities exist including chemical cautery, electrocautery, and local and systemic immune stimulation. Spontaneous regression is common. Two cases of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus with multiple, previously treated verruca Vulgaris, treated with homeopathy are presented. Case 1 was that of a 42-year-old female with a 5-year history of Verruca Vulgaris in the periungual area of the left thumb and the right first toe that recurred in spite of repeated treatment. She was treated with the homeopathic remedy Sepia, to which she responded. She also had improved glycemic control as evidenced by HbA1c levels at 3 months. Case 2 was that of a 19-year-old female with painful plantar Verruca Vulgaris of 3 months duration, that recurred after topical treatment. She received the homeopathic remedy Aurum metallicum. At presentation 5 months later, she was lesion-free and she claimed to have been so since the first month after treatment. She also had an improvement of her HbA1c levels. No adverse effects of therapy were recorded in these cases. In conclusion, homeopathy may be a useful form of therapy for recalcitrant viral warts in patients with diabetes mellitus and may also help to improve diabetes control. Controlled studies will be required to establish this and also to help elucidate the underlying mechanism of action of homeopathy.

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