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homeopathy treatment with allopathic

April 23, 2022 66 people Latest news

Many people ask if they can do allopathic medicine and homeopathy treatment together. So here we are with the solution. Well, homeopathy follows the treatment procedure of symptom-based cure. At first, we diagnose the disease, and then we provide a suitable remedy for those symptoms. If the medicine component can work in an illness that is of the same kind, it will work for you. Homeopathic medicines work in a specific way. Suppose you are suffering from a particular disease having a specific symptom. If a homeopathic medicine is beneficial for that symptom of that disease, then it will work there. But it will not affect any other areas. For example, we can say that Aconite, a homeopathic remedy works in a particular case. Whereas, in the case of conventional allopathic medicines, they work generically. If we talk about Brufen, it is a well-known medicine. It reduces inflammation from any part of your body regardless of the cause and affected tissues. Here come the specifications of homeopathic medicines. Hence, they do not have any side effects. Along with specified diseases, homeopathy can treat your emotional stress, boost your immunity system, and give you a healthy life. On the other hand, Allopathy doctors prescribe antibiotics, antiparasitics, and antihistamines for treating your allergy. So, both remedies work differently. Hence, we advise you theoretically not to use both medicines altogether.

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